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Re: some questions

On Tue, 16 Jan 1996, DinosXMP wrote:

> Here are three questions:
> 1. There are a photo of Phil Currie, standing in a room, full of dinosaur 
> skeletons, they are all white, and looks like copies all of them. Right 
> behind gim there's a small ceratopsian, standing on two legs, it has too 
> big nasal's to be a coronosaur. Does anybody know of that ceratopsian, it 
> was quite little, some 1,5-2m. only.

The photo sounds very like the one that appeared in National Geographic a 
few years back (minus Phil Currie). The skeletons are part of an 
exhibition that is currently in Australia. The small ceratopsian in this 
exhibition is a juvenile Pachyrhinosaurus, based on material that is not 
yet described as far as I know. BTW what is a coronasaur? Aint' never 
heard of that one.


Adam Yates