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Re my comments about the _Tyrannosaurus_ at ROM, Chris Nedin asked..
> Since I will be going to the ROM in a couple of months, exactly what is so
> odd about the mount?

Well, I only have a bunch of photos and Luis Rey's opinions to go on (he looked
at the thing for ages), but it seems that the mount has an unusually shortened
tail and neck, and forelimbs smaller than expected. Darryl, who has also seen
the mount, tells me that this is not so remarkable. The forelimbs are cast from
a complete specimen (whichever one has them preserved - I don't know), the neck
is actually not too short (well, it looks it in the photos I have) and the tail
may be inaccurately short. There are between 39 and 42 vertebrae in the ROM
mount whereas the real number (Darryl quotes Pete Larson) should be 47 or so. 

I would like to emphasise that this whole thing is not _such_ a big deal - we're
only dealing with my opinions on a mount I haven't previously seen and, well,
skeletal mounts shouldn't be taken as gospel anyway. But more information would
be appreciated. 

As for visiting the ROM, do they have an ichthyosaur display? (I ask because
Chris McGowan works there). 

Another megamouth - this time from Japan again. 

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