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Re: some questions

At 10:10 PM 1/16/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Here are three questions:
>1. There are a photo of Phil Currie, standing in a room, full of dinosaur 
>skeletons, they are all white, and looks like copies all of them. Right 
>behind gim there's a small ceratopsian, standing on two legs, it has too 
>big nasal's to be a coronosaur. Does anybody know of that ceratopsian, it 
>was quite little, some 1,5-2m. only.

I believe the specimens you refer to are the juvenile Pachyrhinosaurus n.
sp. that are on tour with the Sino-Canadian Dinosaur Exhibition fossils.
Juvenile Pachyrhinosaurus lacked the really bizarre ornamentation that the
adults had.

>2. Does anybody have any idea if _Lexovisaurus_ was related to 
>_Kentrosaurus_, _Stegosaurus_ or _Dacentrurus_?

Well, they are all stegosaurians.  No one has published a phylogenetic
analysis with an explicit data matrix out there for these guys yet, but
George Olshevsky has an "armchair cladistics" analysis (to use Bakker's
term), while the Two Daves (Fastovsky and Weishampel) present a second
armchair cladistics analysis in their textbook.  George can post his own
results, but here is the Two Daves stegosaur phylogeny:

Huayangosaurus + (Dacentrurus + (Kentrosaurus + (Chungkingosaurus +
Chialingosaurus + (Tuojiangosaurus + Paranthodon + Lexovisaurus +

They neglected Regnosaurus (which can be forgiven, as it's stegosaurian
nature was realized until this book was in press) and Wuherosaurus (less
forgiveable!).  Presumably, the former is somewhere near the base of the
tree (with Huayangosaurus or Dacentrurus) and the latter is at the crown of
the tree (I am quite favorable to Olshevsky's hypothesis that Wuherosaurus
and the species of Stegosaurus are sister taxa).

>3. T. Mike Keesey may have got this question anked some times (he knows), 
>but now I ask ALL of you! WHAT HAPPENED TO SALTOPUS?!?!?! Where is 
>Saltopus? What is Saltopus? What is the new name of Saltopus? What ever 
>happened to Saltopus?!?!?

Saltopus is in need of new study, to evaluate if it is indeed a dinosaur
(rather than some other archosaur), and (if it is a dinosaur) to what group
it belongs.

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