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Fellow paleolife illustrator Donna Braginetz asked me the following
question the other day. Any thoughts? Della Drury?

> What do you think about this idea: When a duckbilled dinosaur
>"vocalizes," the > air comes up from the lungs and exits from the nose
>rather than the mouth.    > This allows a hadrosaur to use the spacious
>nasal cavities as resonators -    > same as a horse uses its nose to
>amplify sound in a whinny. Similarly, a      > lambeosaur uses the
>chambers in its crest to affect the "trumpeting" but the  > blast still
>exits from the nose. The result of this is that when a duckbill   >
>vocalizes, the mouth is closed and so unfortunately, where visual drama is
>> concerned, an illustration showing a vocalizing duckbill will show
>...           > apparently not much happening! Yea or nay?

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)