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Re: Separated at birth?

Paul Willis wrote:
> >I was more of the opinion that Novacek was actually Jim Morrison.
> I've seen a picture of Mark Norell where he is a spitter for Alice    > 
> Cooper (including makeup).
> Cheers,
> Paul
Alice Cooper?  Nahhh...I think Mark Norell is kinda cute (someone tell
PEOPLE), but then I haven't seen him since he saved the beard.  Mark, if
you're out there, when can I get a review copy of your kidstuff?  Hmmm??

*kel, girl dino writer

p.s.  No bitching about female "gush" please.  It's WHIMSY, k?????? A
poor attempt a humor.  A joke (though Norell is kinda cute). I don't
sleep on a Paul Sereno/Mark Norell pillow case, I swear (MY heart
belongs to "Dr. Grant").  <g>

p.p.s.  Tomorrow, I see THE LOST WORLD.