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Re: Reevolving bones?

Jonathan Wagner writes:

"...any program we design will be a product of the model which created it..."

Absolutely.  Of course, if existing cladistic analytic assumptions and
techniques are properly programmed in, then your computer test results will
closely follow existing cladistic analytic results.  And if they don't, you
must question whether the programmer has done an accurate programming job.
 And if the results differ, but you agree with the evolution program as
written, you have simply established that you agree more with the evolution
program's assumptions than with existing cladistic analytic assumptions.
 This soon devolves into circular logic, and cannot address the issue of how
well either "program" emulates "true" evolution.  In my own work, the
tendency of observers to accept computerized results without questioning the
underlying assumptions in the programming is sometimes very frustrating; I
urge you to beware of this trap...

Wayne A. Bottlick