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Hi Gang

We are headed into a morass if we don't get our facts set first. CAD programs
are nothing but a tool, just as our slide rule use to be (quit asking me what
a slide rule is), and the engineer/architect is fully repsonsible for the
design including those areas specified by the model. This is not an isolated
problem today. The same holds true for the use of models to predict behavior
of some assembly. So alot of insight could be gleened fro a good model but it
also could be out to lunch if used without a lot of care and skeptisism (?).
I've used both CAD and developed and used models and one very quickly finds
out that its tricky and your ass may be hanging on something you don't
understand and may not address the problem you are interested in very well at
all. I guess that its apparent to all that cladistic analysis is also just a
tool, good or bad.

paul sparks
poet and sometimes engineer