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Re: school report (fwd) - New K-Paleo Web Site

Russ Jacobson of VrtPaleo wrote (when discussing the student who 
emailed asking for info anout paleontology and paleontologists):  

>..we need to find ways to effectively share this information 
>with such people so they can really learn and hopefully be as 
>enthusiastic and interested as much by this field as we are. 
>Anyone have material to contribute? Those of us running dinosaur web 
>sites, for example, would love to have large collections of FAQ's 
>useful for kids and other non-professional but interested persons. 

This seems like a good time to announce my "K-Paleo" web site, which
features a large menu of paleontology and geology-related Internet resources 
arranged by caregory.  It is located at:


Included are many sub-menus on vertebrates (including over 200 dinosaur links
in a separate Dino Den site), invertebrates, plants, microfossils, museums, 
university department, clubs, societies, government agencies, newsgroups, 
mailing lists, field trip info, paleo education, my own articles 
on the Paluxy controvesy, and much more.  I think this would be very useful to 
teachers and students.  Feel feel to mention the site in other Internet groups 
and/or link to it as you please.  Of course, any corrections or recommended 
new links would be appreciated.  I'll be adding more graphics in the near
future but won't go overboard, to keep the downloads quick.

Another good educational resource is the Talk.origins Faqs/archives.  Although 
the talk.origins is a creation/evolution newsgroup, the FAQ/archives contain 
a vast collection of articles on the fossil record, evolution, geology, and 
related subjects.  The URL is: 


Or you can access it from the "General Paleontology" and "Paleo for Teachers 
and Students" sections of my K-Paleo Site.

Thank you very much.

Glen J. Kuban

Thank you.

Glen J. Kuban