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hadrosaur tails, a tail of two defences, or a hadrosaur! What a MESS!!!

OK. Seriously! A medium sized theropod lurks around a flock of 
hadrosaurs, attacks, kill one hadrosaur, and finished whith that!
Conclusion: No possible defense.A Hadrosaur kould have spepped on, or 
kicked a small theropod.

A medium sized theropod a little away from the flock, attacks, the 
hadrosaurs do not run AWAY from the predator, but directly AT it! And 
runs it down.
Conclusion: the theropod is hurt or dead, some hadrosaurs may be hurt.A 
small theropod would die immediatly.

A medium sized theropod from looooong away.
Conclusion: no danger. Small theropods would probably have been so scared 
the huge hadrosaur flock, that they would have escaped. Just like small 
jackals escapes today from mad flock of bulls.


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