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Re: Hadrosaur defense (getting mouthy with T rex)

From: DinosØMP <enrique@sn.no>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 1996 17:53:56 -0800
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Re: Hadrosaur defense

Tracy Ford wrote:
> Tail defense is all well and good, but I'm sure their main defense was
> it's mouth. Just look at it's beak. The premaxilla and predentary had
> serrated edges, they had strong jaws, and some had a very wide beak.
> The only ones that had to worry about getting eaten were the small and
> indigent, Old. Some were as big as T.rex itself, so I doubt they
> had anything to worry about.

DinosØMP <enrique@sn.no> wrote:

"Zebras live in BIIIG herds, they do have STROOOONG jaws, and a 
TEEERIBLE bite. They are BIIIIGGER than a lion, but they DO have 
something to worry about!"  

This is a really good point.  Something else occurred to me: I understand that 
many large carnivores of both the Jurassic and Cretaceous had bite wounds in the
face that suggest rather literal face-to-face encounters.  Perhaps hippos are at
least something like this in their behavior.  For a Hadrosaur to match maws with
a T rex, for instance, would be a serious mismatch -- rather like a lion, whom 
we can concede has a good bite, going maw-to-maw with a hippo. Also it violates 
one of the most important and widely respected dictums of the Cretaceous: never 
kiss a Tyrannosaurus on the lips.   

Richard Dieterle