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water loss (was Re: Hadrosaur Defense)

Richard L. Dieterle wrote:

<a great deal snipped>
"...their peculiar long nasal
> passages: whatever other function they may happened to have had, they could 
> also
> have been the functional counterparts to RTs, conserving moisture in long
> stampedes,..."

He brings up an interesting point here that I have not seen before.  If
somebody else has please let me know.  But to expand this idea a bit,
would the conservation of water be that critical for many dinosaurs? 
Given the theory that they had a more reptilian type skin as supported
by the available evidence, they did not lose a significant amount of
moisture through their skin as do mammals (and probably birds but this I
really don't have a good idea).  Thus the areas available for water loss
are very small in comparison to the body size.  Therefore, the need to
minimize water loss through the nasal passages may not have been a
selective pressure on them as it was with mammals and avians.
Of course, this may very well not be true for the small dinosaurs so
that is a problem with this idea.
Ok, armchair speculation over.  The floor is open for stones, arrows,
and various incendiary devices.
Joe Daniel