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Re: A Tale of 2 Tails & my date

DinosØMP wrote: 

ÒOK. Seriously! A medium sized theropod lurks around a flock of 
hadrosaurs, attacks, kill one hadrosaur, and finished with that!
Conclusion: No possible defense.  A Hadrosaur could have stepped on, or kicked a
small theropod.Ó  

I agree, and I have always thought that Hadrosaurs had the means to defend 
themselves from the intrusions of single small-to-medium carnivores.  The enigma
is this: they have no obvious defense against large carnivores, leading people 
to wonder why they were not simply gobbled up.  However, by modus tolens, they 
must have had some way to protect themselves from large predators.  But what was

ÒA medium sized theropod a little away from the flock, attacks, the 
hadrosaurs do not run AWAY from the predator, but directly AT it! And runs it 
down.  Conclusion: the theropod is hurt or dead, some hadrosaurs may be hurt..  
A small theropod would die immediately.Ó

Generally, small carnivores that attack larger animals found in herds, 
themselves run in packs.  The balance of terror seems to favor the predators 
slightly.  Dangerous animals like male baboons can behave this way, striking a 
balance of terror with a single leopard, but even they give ground to a lion.  

ÒA medium sized theropod from looooong away.  Conclusion: no danger. Small 
theropods would probably have been so scared the huge hadrosaur flock, that they
would have escaped. Just like small jackals escapes today from mad flock of 

I know that even in Minnesota people are a little on edge about flocks of mad 

And now for something entirely different --

From: DinosØMP <enrique@sn.no>
Date: Fir, 19 Jan 1996 22:03:34 -0800

Everyone, please, do me a favor: 
ItÕs very simple!  Read the message!  Not the date!  

ItÕs January in Norway already?  Of course I knew it was 1996 there because you 
are on the other side of the International Date Line.  I guess you wonÕt be 
celebrating Septende Maia on the same day that we do here in Minneapolis (the 
parade passes right by my window).  On the other hand, the name ÒEnriqueÓ 
doesnÕt sound particularly Norwegian to me.  

Richard Dieterle