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Re: Hadrosaur defense (getting mouthy with T rex)

> From:          "Richard L. Dieterle" <Richard.L.Dieterle-1@tc.umn.edu>

> we can concede has a good bite, going maw-to-maw with a hippo. Also it 
> violates 
> one of the most important and widely respected dictums of the Cretaceous: 
> never 
> kiss a Tyrannosaurus on the lips.   

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

This reminds me -- did T-rex have lips?  I remember this thread 
from a ways back -- was this ever agreed on one way or the other (if 
this is part of the joke I apologize for being thick as a blubber 

"The little man went up and down
To find an eating place in town
He looked the menu through and through
To see what fifteen cents could do --
One meatball
One meatball
Well, he could afford but one meatball"