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Tom Holtz wrote..

> For some recent examples: Bison bison and Bison bonasus (the bison and the
> wissent, respecively) are more closely related to each other on morphologic
> grounds (and, I would imagine, molecular grounds, although I don't know if>
> people have looked at wissent genes)

Indeed, they are regarded by some mammalogists as subspecies of the same
species. Bison DNA was analyzed for a recent (1996) paper published in _Arctic_.
A very interesting conclusion made in that study was that Wood bison (_B.b.
athabescae_ or some such spelling) are not monophyletic and are 'simply'
independently evolved woodland morphs of other bison. _Bison_ is regarded as a
subgenus of _Bos_ by some authors.

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