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Re: downward-pitching tail of the Lost World stegosaur, Larry says..

> Well, I'm no "girl dino writer", but I have seen the trailer for the 
> show and the tail in question sticks straight out with, in fact,  a 
> bit of an upward curl in the tail spikes.  It is far far from the 
> ground and held parallel to it  (I am looking at it, paused on 
> videotape, in the TV commercial as I write this).  Now, 
> if this is about some small angle  at the pelvis, you've got me on 
> the details, but the jist seems okey dokey, smokey. 

Ah - - ok. Well, things are looking up then. The photos I have seen - they are
in an article on Spielberg in _Premiere_ magazine - definitely show the tail
drooping right down to the ground. There is a close-up shot of the stegosaur's
head, and you can see the tail sloping down at 45 degrees in the near distance,
and there is another, horribly arty shot of Spiely himself leaning against the
stegosaur - again, the tail slopes down at 45 degrees in the background. 

Why, then, is the tail parallel to the ground (i.e. anatomically correct) in the
film, but sloping toward the ground (i.e. anatomically incorrect) in the
_Premiere_ shots? I am left wondering, in fact, if the animal I saw in the
photos was the same thing as that which appears in the film - there were other
problems with it as well (head too broad, no throat pouch, only 4 digits on
manus and all had hooves etc. etc.). Sigh - the lengths we go to when deprived
of pre-release showings. What I wouldn't do to be a girl dino writer... Though
I think my girlfriend might have something to say about it.

Okey dokey, smokey??? Did you hit your head while writing your email?;-)

> Oh, and I think there's a Pliosaur, a really big one, in the show.  
> It eats a submarine (shhh Kel . . .)

Yeah, right - and at the end a big flock of pink pterodactyls hang-glide all the
nice hero actors from the jaws of an angry mom and pop _T. rex_. While on the
subject, looks like we're gonna be swamped by the parental care theme: mummy
tyrannosaur trying to retrieve her baby. Is the baby feathered Kel??

"Aww, you're just a big sack o' sugar"
"Hey, thanks.... You did say 'sugar' right?"