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     The gripe I think most of us "Jurassic Park" whiners have with the
film is just this; Jurassic Park the book payed close attention to
technical and scientific detail.   It was an integral part of the
storyline and plot.  Speilberg on the other hand makes flashy adventure
films, valid enough I admit in their own right, but Jurassic Park the
book was more then a flashy adventure story. I commend Speilberg on making
the first film to present dinosaurs more or less accurately as animals,
and overall I give him an A- for Jurassic Park.  I just think Jurassic
Park was a book that was SUPPOSED to be as technically correct and
intellectually compelling as it was exiting ( and I don't buy into the
line that a more or less accurate film must be boring). That is the sort
of writing Michael Crichton does, so Jurassic Park didn't translate well
to film under Spielberg's direction.
     Which brings us to Lost World.
     I think "Lost World" the book was crap.  Crichton was trying to write
a sequel for Speilberg that HE could use; in other words, a flashy
adventure story.  He invented an alternate reality of science of bogus
science, screwed up more facts, and had more unlikely absurdities
involving animal behavior then I can count.  But his main goal was to
write a purely exiting adventure story.  Lost World the book was garbage,
but it is the kind of garbage Speilberg knows how to work with.  I think
Lost World the movie will far surpass the book, and if Speilberg gives us
a classic adventure story with some good acting, I am willing to ignore
technical flaws.
     I saw a cool thing of NBC the other night that showed a WHOLE BUNCH
of great clips form the movie.  I recoreded it and watched it again and
again in slow motion.  Is it my imagination, or were there TWO life-size
robotic T.rexes?  They showed some glimpses of the T.rexes dismantleing
the trailor, Velociraptors zipping out of tall grass and taking people
DOWN, a bunch of people with long poles harrassing a Pachycephalosaurus, a
jeep chasing a bunch of Parasauralophus, Gallimimus, and what looked like
some little Montanoceratops, a cute little Compsognathus jumping out of
the bushes in front of a little girl, Triceratops crashing through a
wall and taking out a jeep, and a herd of Stegosaurus. Cloning
Stegosaurs, like cloning Velociraptors, apparantly involves massive doses
of steroids; they are HUGE.  They also seem to have spikes that stick up
vertically rather then horizontally, but the plates alternate.  There is
also a scene that shows a T.rex ripping up a camp site, then chasing the
whole camp, ON FOOT, down a gully.  You pan backwards in front of the
campers, then you watch the T.rex come around the corner behind them and
gradually gain on them.

LN Jeff