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Re: Lost World stegosaur is awfully BIG...

In a message dated 97-05-12 12:39:56 EDT, you write:

> Well, I'm no "girl dino writer", but I have seen the trailer for the 
>  show and the tail in question sticks straight out with, in fact,  a 
>  bit of an upward curl in the tail spikes.  It is far far from the 
>  ground and held parallel to it  (I am looking at it, paused on 
>  videotape, in the TV commercial as I write this).

>From the _Premiere_ mag pic and the trailers I've seen, the problem with this
stego is not his tail but his size...he makes Spielberg look like Dr.
Loveless standing next to him...I can't wait to see the movie 10 times in the
first week though!!

Prepare to suspend disbelief... :-)

MITCH  ~/^)