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Darren Naish wrote:
> Well, good for you Kel. Have fun. I've just seen (in _Premiere_       > 
> magazine) photos of the LW _Stegosaurus_. It does not look good -     > 
> mainly because, I think, its tail pitches downward and virtually > touches 
> the ground. Who advised the studio to do _that_? I don't care > what they've 
> done at the AMNH - it's *wrong*. Stegosaur tails do _not_ > pitch downward!

Darren, Jack Horner was TLW's paleo advisor and he and I talked about
that specifically.  He TOLD Spielberg that the Stegosaurus had a very
high tail placement to defend against much bigger predators.  But it was
down shifted to help illustrate the lady paleontologists tenacity. 
Fictional vehicle.  Actually, in the movie, the bulk of the Stegosaurus
shots depict a much higher tail "stance" for lack of a better word.  

Feel better?