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A suggestion and fenestrae (was Re: WHY "LOST WORLD" MIGHT BE GOOD)

At 07:26 PM 5/12/97 +0200, you wrote:
>Can you guys keep from posting untill the movie gets to the big screen
>in Europe? I mean, what fun is it to watch the film if you've already 
>pointed out all the mistakes? By the way, can you all agree not to
>post more than one e-mail/day on the subject? I fear a big LW e-mail

I seriously doubt that we Americans will have the will power to wait until
the European release before we dissect the movie!

However, I have a suggestion.  On the Babylon 5 discussion groups on the
net, it is commonplace for people to put the phrase "*SPOILER*" in the the
Subject line of their message, in order to alert readers that the message
contains information which reveals surprises from the plot, etc.  (Babylon
5, being a syndicated show, has a different schedule in every U.S. market,
and a couple of months-to-years delay in foriegn markets).  In fact, a lot
of the folks on those nets leave "spoiler space" in the top twenty lines of
the text, too, to prevent anyone from accidentally reading  the beginning of
the post!

I don't know if we need go so far as to start adding "spoiler space", but a
"*SPOILER*" warning in the subject line and on the first line of the text
might be enough to alert those who don't want to have all the surprises ruined.

And now, to justify having this on the dinosaur net:
I finished my first read through Witmer's new monograph on the antorbital
cavity of archosaurs (I suspect I will be reading it through again and
again!).  LOTS of info in there!!

Something that I've been waiting for for a bit (and something I've suspected
for awhile, and it is nice to see it confirmed) has to do with the
homologies of the accessory antorbital fenestrae in theropods (those extra
openings anterior to the antorbital fenestra).

It turns out the series does not go "no accessories" -> "maxillary fenestra
only" -> "promaxillary fenestra only".  Instead, it seems that the
promaxillary fenestra appears first (and that the tiny opening in
Dilophosaurus and abelisaurids represents the promaxillary fenestra), and
the maxillary fenestra appears in a more restricted clade (Tetanurae or
Avetheropoda).  For example, in the skull of Sinraptor (Fig. 4 in Currie and
Russell 1993), what is labelled "maxillary fenestra" is really the
promaxillary fenestra, and what is labelled "8" is really a VERY reduced
maxillary fenestra.

All this and more, just in time to recode my datamatrix!!


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