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Re: Lost World stegosaur is awfully BIG...

In a message dated 97-05-12 13:30:59 EDT, garrison@efn.org writes:

<< Hmmm... I thought stegosaurs just weren't that big! Anyway, weren't
 the majority of discovered stegosaurs of a smaller species, anyway?
 And just just what is the correct ratio of body mass between a
 stegosaur/Spielberg and Spielberg/Dr. Miquelito Loveless? >>

_Stegosaurus_ is the genus of the largest stegosaurs, about 7 meters long on
average and of which isolated plates have been found suggesting individuals
up to about 9 meters. I've been seeing the trailers and the stegos therein
seem too big--like the stego that was shot up in the 1933 _King Kong_.