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Hi all,

As *Kel, girl dino writer already knows, THE LOST WORLD, is spectacular.
I've had a copy of the script for about six months and I've been to the set
to witness the filming of some scenes, so I've been biting my tongue for a
long time now, listening to all kinds of negative speculation. I've known
that this movie was going to be very different from Chrichton's novel and a
radical improvement.

Jeffrey Martz <martz@holly.ColoState.EDU> wrote:

> I think "Lost World" the book was crap.  Crichton was trying to write
>a sequel for Speilberg that HE could use...

I really don't like when people characterize others motivations. Especially
those whom they don't know personally. This isn't cool. We always seem to
take the most cynical view of the actions of others. These are people
who've given us great gifts. I think, based on knowing some of the people
involved here, that their number one motivation on this project is love for
the excitement of a really great piece of entertainment based on animals
with which we are all enchanted. These guys want to sit down and watch this
movie and get blown away by it as much as the audience does. Spielberg
himself is already richer than anybody needs to be. His motivation isn't
money. The only thing that money seems to mean to him these days is what
else can he create with it? In my opinion, Chricton isn't thinking about
money either. He can do what he wants with his life. When you reach this
stage, you think in terms of time. Time invested on a project is more
valuable than money. You've already got the money, but if you waste a
couple of years on a project that you don't really care about, you can't
get that back. Money, is really not the most important commidity when
you're super wealthy, but time is...

 in other words, a flashy
>adventure story.  He invented an alternate reality of science of bogus
>science, screwed up more facts, and had more unlikely absurdities
>involving animal behavior then I can count.  But his main goal was to
>write a purely exiting adventure story.  Lost World the book was garbage,
>but it is the kind of garbage Speilberg knows how to work with.  I think
>Lost World the movie will far surpass the book, and if Speilberg gives us
>a classic adventure story with some good acting, I am willing to ignore
>technical flaws.

I also thought Chrichton's book was not very good. Not only in terms of
science but also in terms of writing. Thankfully, Spielberg and the
screenwriter, David Keopp, didn't use much of it.

Rejoice dino lovers! You are going to be blown away by THE LOST WORLD. Just
keep that annoying little analyst in your head quiet until the movie's

Enjoy the movie,