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dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:

> Spielberg was posed near the Stan Winston Studios anamatronic
> Stegosaur.  It wasn't "on", so was probably drooping.  The scenes in
> the trailer are of the CGI stegosaurs.  Don't you paleontologists
> know *anything*?  :)

Larry, who are you hon?  <g>  My curiosity is piqued. 

I quote Stan Winston from my interview Saturday: 

"As a rule of thumb, not that there are never any close up CG (computer
generated) shots, cause there are, but ifyou see an animal and you see
it from head to toe and it's walking, running or moving in some dynamic
way that is broad ---we can't do that (meaning animatronics).  Anytime
you see these herds or these animals in full motion, it's CG."


(see she really IS a)
girl dino writer

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