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Jeff Hecht wrote:
> I wonder if they made a physical model for the photo shoots and perhaps
> originally for some movie scenes, but used computer graphics for the
> animals in the movie. I heard a talk on the computer graphics of Jurassic
> Park a couple of years ago, and they said they started with models, but
> shifted to computer graphics because the technology advanced as they worked
> on the film. The model could have been a leftover on the lot.

sorry Jeff, 
Stan W. didn't make a stego for JP1.  The only dino he made that didn't
make it into the film was a baby triceratops.
The stego animatronic is used in the JP2 film but as has been mentioned
already by somebody else, it is an animatronic that simply wasn't turned
on while Steve S. was leaning on it.  
The power of the hydraulics in this newer batch is rather awesome and I
wouldn't want to be within reach of the mechanism of any of the
dinosaurs.  One of the T rexes (just what is the plural? rexes? rexs?)
really does pick up vehicles in this one, NOT CG animation.

           Betty Cunningham  
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