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Re: Mononykus, Titanis, and Ground Sloths

Richard L. Dieterle wrote:
> I think we have here a sudden confluence of data and theory that bodes well 
> for
> understanding Mononykus.  It needs some work, as the sloth material and the
> Titanis material are not perfectly congruent, although they are not really
> incompatible either.  Part of this can even be tested by a reexamination of 
> the
> size of Mononykus' olecranon process in relation to the size of animal as a
> whole or the size of its arms.

That's what I asked Tracy all that while ago; I thought the arms were
pretty convergent then, and I would be happy to find out ground sloths
were more bear-like in their predation than what we currently believe. 
This comparison makes me happier again. ;]

           Betty Cunningham  
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