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Once again trying to counter the flow of negativity towards Spielberg,
Chrichton, and THE LOST WORLD...

"Ray McAllister" <mcallist@gate.net> wrote:

>Jeff, I fully agree that Crichton has written a movie script for Lost
>World. I think anyone who read bothg books can see this. I am somewhat
>ashamed of Crichton...

Micheal Chrichton has nothing to be ashamed about in life. He failed in
this particular occasion to produce something great. So what? Who's
perfect? It's always easy to criticize the effort of others. Have you
written a book? It doesn't just roll off the top of your head. It's damn
hard work. If it was easy everybody would do it. It ain't easy. It's even
harder to do it well. It's impossible to do it well all of the time. If
everybody demanded the same perfection in themselves that they expect of
others it'd be one hell of a planet!

...>He is undoubtedly a millionaire so should be able to
>avoid crass commercialism. Good to see that someone else felt the same way.
>I wondered if I was being too judgemental.

Yes, you were being too judgemental.

I wrote in an earlier response to similarly themed statement and I reiterate...

>>I really don't like when people characterize others motivations. Especially
>>those whom they don't know personally. This isn't cool. We always seem to
>>take the most cynical view of the actions of others. These are people
>>who've given us great gifts. I think, based on knowing some of the people
>>involved here, that their number one motivation on this project is love for
>>the excitement of a really great piece of entertainment based on animals
>>with which we are all enchanted. These guys want to sit down and watch this
>>movie and get blown away by it as much as the audience does.

That being said, I also say again...

>>I also thought Chrichton's book was not very good. Not only in terms of
>>science but also in terms of writing. Thankfully, Spielberg and the
>>screenwriter, David Keopp, didn't use much of it.

Yet, I am not ashamed of Chrichton. I have written a book. Damn hard thing
to do. I didn't do it as well as Chrichton.