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Re: hadrosaur tails, a tail of two defences, or a hadrosaur! What a MESS!!!

>However, I'm not sure wolves work very well as an analogy for T-rex.
>Wolves are much smaller than moose or musk-oxen, and can be killed or
>crippled by a single defensive stroke of horn or hoof.  At worst, T-rex
>was at least slightly bigger than any hadrosaur it wanted to tackle, and
>much bigger than most of them.  And hadrosaurs apparently had no
>counterweapons as dangerous to a rex as moose antlers are to a wolf.
>So, I dunno what the answer is.  Logic indicates that hadrosaurs had
>some fairly good defense beyond herding and high reproductive rate, but
>what that was I've no idea.
>-- JSW

        If T-rex was ectothermic after all, and did not required frequent
feedings to power that huge body, maybe it was like modern
crocodilians--simply not hungry most of the time.
        Is there any evidence to suggest that some populations of
hadrosaurs lived in geographically isolated areas, away from likely
predators?  Then maybe they would have been analagous to ground nesting
birds in similar conditions.


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