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Re: Family Ties

Bronson Barton wrote:

I just have two short questions on the features that separate the 
Camarasauridae from the Brachiosauridae?

Isn't it something to do with differently shaped skulls?  I also think that to 
be classified as Brachiosauridae, a dinosaur would have to ridiculously long 
front arms in proportion to its back ones, like the one the family is named 
for, Brachiosaurus.

And also, what separates the 
Sinraptoridae from the Allosauridae?  I often see many genera 
"interchangeable" between these families.

I don't have an answer for that one, I'm not familiar with Sinoraptoridae.  

It seems to me that if the above mentioned families should be 
separated, that the Lambeosaurinae deserves family status.

Is there another dino besides Lambeosaurus itself that fits in that category?  
Maybe Corythosaurus, but that's kind of a long shot IMHO.

Jeremy Frost

"This sentence no verb."