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Re: Spinosaurus/Lost World

>Steve Tomporowski writes;

>Pretty much my point, that dinosaurs, being bipedal must have developed a
>relatively sophisticated balance mechanism...maybe similar to humans.  Does
>a lizard have as complex a balance mechanism as a human?  What about
>something on long legs like a giraffe or a moose?  Just curious as to
>whether any research/speculation has been done in this area.  For example,
>crocs are a sister group to dinosaurs, do they have a complex balance
>mechanism?  Does it vary with environment, say a pliosaur, versus a

I seem to remember a lizard that lives in the desert, and when the sand is
very hot, it will first lift the right forelimb and the left hind limb in
the air, balancing on the left forelimb and right hindlimb, and then after
a while switch.  Seems like a pretty good balancing act to me.  Darned if
I can remember the critter's name, though.



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