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>Basically, they are saying that, because these animals could do a quick
>with the forelimbs, they must have been using their forelimbs offensively.
>offensive forelimbs can be used for self-defence. Why aren't megatheres
>defending themselves from, say, sabre-toothed cats or dire wolves?

Is is worth pointing out that LIVING Xenarthrans use their front limbs for
rapid-strike defence?  According to Walker's Mammals of the World, 5th ed.
, sloths "do defend themselves... and can strike fairly quickly with their
long forefeet".  Anteaters are well-known to use their clawed forelimbs for
defence.  The silky or pygmy anteater uses its forefeet "to strike quickly
and forcibly if the enemy comes within reach".  And these creatures do not
go around tearing armadillos to ribbons, either.
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