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Re: early tyrannosaurids

>      A large fragmentary tooth from the Dakota Formation of southeastern 
>      Nebraska on display at the Nebraska State Museum is labeled a 
>      "tyrannosaurid."  This occurrence is mid-Cretaceous, likely late 
>      Albian (or possibly Cenomanian).  Has anyone out there looked more 
>      closely at this specimen?  Is it?
It is tyrannosaurid, probably a species of Albertosaurus.  However, the
partial tooth did not come from the Dakota Formation and is not
mid-Cretaceous.  Is was found in gravel used for road resurfacing, the
gravel was found to be from a quarry near Holmesville, Nebraska.  The
tooth is late Cretaceous, probably early Maastrichtian.  Being that the
quarry did not have any Cretaceous strata, it is most likely that the
tooth is "float" from somewhere else.

The only material of middle Cretaceous age (Aptian-Cenomanian) is a
distal end of a femur belonging to a large ornithopod dinosaur (probably
hadrosaurian), found in the Dakota Formation, Burt County, Nebraska.

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)