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Re: hadrosaur tails, a tail of two defences, or a hadrosaur! What a MESS!!!

At 09:05 PM 5/12/97 EDT, jamolnar@juno.com wrote:
>Some prey will attack in defense of young.  Many prey (e.g., moose) 
>will turn and fight their pursuers (e.g., wolves) after a long run, 
>and if ...

What you say is quite correct. I suppose I oversimplified a bit.

I was *trying* to point out that the *first* choice of a prey animal is
almost always flight.  When flight is impractical (as when relatively
immobile young are involved, or when the animal is getting worn out) then
alternative means are used.

And I rather suspect that hadrosaurs had a pretty mean kick.

May the peace of God be with you.         sarima@ix.netcom.com