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Steven S. Lazarus wrote:
> Yet, I am not ashamed of Chrichton. I have written a book. Damn hard thing
> to do. I didn't do it as well as Chrichton.

I have done a great number of creative things but have not yet had any
of my manuscripts published.
However, as you should know by now ANYONE can be a critque.
I think that the LOST WORLD novel sucked.  I think Crichton is capable
of a great deal better than what he did in this book.
What he did in the first book had better pacing, better
characterization, better science, etc.
Crichton has a very long history of very good books and screenplays. 
ANDROMEDA STRAIN is still one of my favorite movies.

However, I beleive he was A)rushed to get this book out before the
rumours of the sequel got started, B) was suddenly enamored of the
possibilities that the effects breakthroughs opened up in the first
movie and kind of lost it in trying to second-guess the way the industry
would go, and c) I KNOW he was paid an awful lot of money.

But Kelly says the LOST WORLD movie is ok with her, so I'll probably
enjoy the movie inspite of the fact that the novel was not one of
Crichton's better works. 
It could have been another CONGO instead.
           Betty Cunningham  
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