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Bettyc wrote:
> But Kelly says the LOST WORLD movie is ok with her, so I'll probably
> enjoy the movie inspite of the fact that the novel was not one of
> Crichton's better works.
> It could have been another CONGO instead.

:)  Thanks for the vote of confidence, Betty. 

Okay, it's like this.  I described this film to a very well known writer
friend of mine this way:  It's JURASSIC PARK meets INDIANA JONES while
riding JAWS on his way to THE LOST WORLD.  Add a touch of Godzilla (yes,
Godzilla) and you've got the general idea.  Is the story solid gold? 
No.  But it's a fun story written expressly to give the public what they
clamored for --- MORE SPECIAL EFFECTS DINOSAURS.  As screenwriter David
Koepp said when I interviewed him, "We had to have something to hang
them on," and so explains THE LOST WORLD. 

Are the dinosaurs perfect?  No again.  But Horner did the best he could
to keep them as close as he could.  Again, I quote:  "If I can say
something is true or not true, Spielberg goes with it.  If I say, 'in my
opinion, that won't work,' he does't pay any attention, and I don't
blame him.  He's making a movie and it's a fictional movie.  He can make
it any way he wants."

So my suggestion?  Go.  It's worth your six bucks and your two hours, it
really is.  There are more dinosaurs and more dinosaur scenes.  The
people involved didn't just slap together a film for the money, though
obviously money was a great inspiration.  They LOVE what they do for a
living, just as each of us do.  And they tried to create something that
would entertain and delight us all.  Go to have fun...even if part of
the fun is sifting out all the mistakes. 


>            Betty Cunningham
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