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Re: Lips and Teeth

If teeth were continuously being replaced in these animals, would tooth 
decay be a problem? Early man, before settling down to agriculture and 
foods high in sugars, had few problems with decay.I would think that 
therapod diets would place them in the same boat. 

Stephen Faust                   smfaust@edisto.cofc.edu

On Wed, 14 May 1997, Martin Human wrote:

> Following the "Lips" thread, what can we suppose about the dental hygiene of 
> the 
> carnivorous dinosaurs, if any?  I'm picturing T Rex lying around after his 
> last 
> meal, mouth half open, while "x" flits around picking morsels of flesh from 
> between his teeth, a la crocodiles and (I can't remember the species) birds.
> Any possible candidates for this role, evidence of tooth decay etc etc?
> martin