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This is all I know about "real" oviraptor heads.
Ingenia-Long parrot-like head, just a little, allmost invissible nasal 
crest. Lover jaw, shorter than upper.

Conchoraptor-Totally rounded skull, very big orbits and small nose. No 
crest. Lower jaw much shorter that upper.

Oviraptor philoceratops-Half-sircel-like skull, crest pointing 
upp/forwards. Lower jaw as long as upper. Best known species. 

O. mongoliensis-Looks like abowe. More rounded skull, and crest pointing 
right upwards, crest is allso a little bit bigger.

Now what I do not know is:
What is the name of the one whith narrow skull, a small crest at the back 
of the skull, and a small nasal horn? Allso known as Oviraptor 


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