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Respuesta a Black

Dear Dr Black

A Chilean student of mine forwarded the message you sent to the dinolist
answering about Mononykus and my research on Megatherium. Although I
sympathise with tough opinions expressed in a straight way, I dare to
suggest you to hold your laugh until you read the article about Megatherium 
(then you may laugh louder!). Its appropriate reference is

Fariña RA, Blanco RE. 1996. Megatherium, the stabber. Proceedings of the
Royal Society B 263 (1377): 1725-1729.

Mr Blanco, the co-author (who is unfortunately not mentioned in the Discover
piece), is a young physicist suddenly interested in the palaeobiology of
vertebrates. He has been the main responsible for the elegance of the model
we applied, but the original, and perhaps ludicrous, idea is mine.

I'm extremely keen to debate about palaeontological issues, so please don't
take this message as an expression of bad mood from me. Ultimately, you may
be right, and I'm dead wrong, who knows? But science requires a methodology,
so I expect to read your refutation in a scientific, peer-reviewed journal.

Yours sincerely

Richard A Fariña, PhD
Departamento de Paleontología
Facultad de Ciencias
Tristán Narvaja 1674
11200 Montevideo Uruguay
fax: ++5982 409973
e-mail: fari~a@fcien.edu.uy