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Arguing Taste was:Re: WHY "LOST WORLD" MIGHT BE GOOD

Never was there a greater time waster than arguing TASTE!

The main purpose, after all, of fiction is entertainment, not
enlightenment, although one can certainly argue that enlightening
fiction performs a far greater service to mankind: Personally, however,
I'll leave that to philosophers and a different mailing list.

Why would we want to deprive another person of their pleasure by
convincing them that they are mistaken in having enjoyed some book or
movie that we didn't?

Frankly, it's much more interesting to hear (in these waters) about the
Science errors in books or films than this benign "sharing" of inflamed
opinions that belong on the letters page of The New York Times Book
Review or ad hominem arguments that don't belong anywhere that I can
think of.

Can't some of us like vanilla and others like chocolate without banning
ice cream entirely?


Steven S. Lazarus wrote:
> Readers digest version: I did not like Chrichton's LOST WORLD. It is not a
> good novel. I object to the criticism and characterizations of his
> motivations in writing the book NOT to the criticism of the book itself. SNIP
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