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Re: Rererererere a tail of two tails and all that stuff..

DinosØMP wrote:
> Siberian tigers and Grizzly bears are this time Tyrannosaurs, they
> allways kill smaller prey. 

Given that Siberian tigers mass up to three hundred fifty kilos and
bears up to four hundred kilos, I suspect both of them would have
difficulty finding any prey that wasn't smaller than they are. <g>

> Small packing animals, like dromaeosaurs and
> wolves kills bigger prey. But there are exeptions, like the small
> bear/weasel-like animal (I don't know the english name) which kills Deers
> and Mooses by it self....

As John McLoughlin said, this is the wolverine, a creature famous not
only for its fighting ability but also for tremendous endurance and
extreme intelligence.  

> Let's imagine hadrosaurs as a animal to day, which looks a lot like
> them....the african cow-like herding animals (I dont know the inglish
> name on those eighter, theyr'e famous from The Lion King) one of those
> can be killed by MANY lions, MANY of those "cows" kan kill VERY MANY
> lions, lions are scared of big flocks of big plant eaters.

Those were wildebeest, a.k.a. gnu.  Wildebeest are routine prey for
lions, hyenas, and African hunting dogs.  They can injure and even kill
attackers with their hooves, but one wildebeest against half a dozen
lions is a foregone conclusion, and that's even more true against a
dozen hyenas or twenty hunting dogs.

-- JSW