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Brian Franczak wrote:
> Darren Naish wrote:
> > You're telling me. My _Tyrannosaurus_ has to be leant up against the
> > _Diplodocus_ all the time...
> Actually, I've got my _Tyrannosaurus_ positioned so that it seems to be
> biting the flank of the _Triceratops_ toy. At least it presents a plausible
> faunal scene that way.
> Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)

Battat came out with a 2nd version of their T. rex and Dilophosaurus in
which they put small plastic bases on their feet. It was an improvement.
They need to do this for the Ceratosaurus and Utahraptor figures. I hope
their 3rd set of figures fare better. Has anyone gotten a set of these
yet? I've been told that they will be available in June. 

Greg Popwell