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Re: Speaking of tongues...

kmh wrote:
> Speaking of tongues...could an adult T.rex actually "lick"?  

I've kind of been wondering, especially since I resqued that hawk the
other day, just how close are birds' tongues to dinosaurs?  Are birds'
tongues specialized more than dinosaurs would have been because of
flight?   Would dinosaurs have tongues more similar to mammals in
function, simply because they lived analogously?

Since it spent most of it's time threatening me, by staring me full in
the face-opening it's mouth really really wide-puffing all it's feathers
out- and sticking it's tongue out at me- well, I got a good look at a
raptor's tongue.  I'd never had the opportunity before and MAN those
things have got some of the fanciest doo-dads built in!

The Red Tailed hawk had a tongue which near the base had a round hole
kind of like the heat sensor inside the mouth of a rattlesnake (but on
the tongue NOT the mouth) and where the tongue would have narrowed to a
sharp tip on the end sticking out, there were backwards-facing barbs on
the topside only of the tongue.  And it wasn't just pink inside, but
light blue, grey, pink, red, and white.

Don't crocodiles have fairly simple tongues?   

           Betty Cunningham  
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