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Sotheby's update (and vacation)

First off, I've had a couple of requests to check up on Sotheby's
scheduled date to put Sue up for auction.
     I just got off the phone with their press release office, and not
only did they deny any knowledge of having the auction in the spring as
I had previuosly posted, they wanted to know who told me that and denied
any such thing had been said by Sotheby's.  So I've sent them a copy of
my e-mail to this list from November 18th which was a direct quote from
someone in their own offices.  If you want to see a copy of this, go to
the Dinosaur mailing list archives for Nov
    Other than that, THIS PR person says that they've not set any date
for Sue's auction, that probably don't expect it till the fall, that it
will probably be announced again in the NY times (but I wouldn't count
on it), and that the rumours that the delay is caused by them trying to
finish prepping Sue is false,  She insisted that Sue was going to
auction in exactly the condition that they recieved her (which as I
posted earlier "They expect the skull to be on display (which was
prepared before the >FBI< nonsense hit) and maybe some other unjacketed
bones, but they are not entirely sure at this time what all will be in
the exhibit."
  Apart from that, she didn't know whether new information on Sue would
be posted on the Sotheby's website as that's a different department from
the PR department (!).
  Secondly, I am going on vacation for a week and will not be online
again till next Thursday

           Betty Cunningham  
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