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Adam Black

Dear Adam (is it any better this way?)

I'm sorry for having misled you about my intention. That may be due to my
condition of non-native English speaker. I did not mean to be sarcastic AT
ALL. Actually, I thought you were a professional palaeontologist, and hence
the "Dr" before your surname (which I wrote just in case, as some people get
offended if you don't call them the proper title -- I don't).

And I don't think in the least that someone is more correct (nor superior,
my goodness!) about a certain topic for having obtained academic
qualifications, hard as they are to obtain sometimes. What I think is what I
wrote, science does require a methodology, and new ideas and refutations and
everything must be presented in a certain format, preferably in peer-
reviewed journals. Until then, current theories hold, but it doesn't mean
they are right, as I'm afraid science will never offer you THE truth. On the
other hand, you and everyone in or out of the field may find those theories
interesting, ludicrous, glorious or whatever. The same may be valid for your
art (which I'd love to learn about as another bonus from this controversy),
some will like it, some will dislike it. That's just democracy.

I hope to have expressed my ideas in a proper way. Again, I've never meant
to be sarcastic, and much less to show off a superiority I don't feel at all