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PT: your opinion please

I just received the latest issue of  Prehistoric Times magazine 
(issue No. 23), and have two questions based on sculptures 
unveiled in this issue:

1) the Estemmosuchus on the first page has much longer 
horizontal skull protrusions than I've ever seen illustrated, 
which means that they are incredibly long.  If you have the issue, 
please comment on the accuracy of this; if not, exactly how 
outrageous were those things anyway?

2) Keith Strasser of Dragon Inc. has crafted a mean-looking 
tyrannosaur (yes, what an neglected subject!) in an unusual 
attack pose: it is crouching down so low to the ground that the 
"elbows" of it's teeny forelimbs are touching the ground, but its 
head is held up with mouth (of course) opened.  Was it physically 
possible for a tyrannosaur to crouch down so low, then (presumably) 
pop up and take one of those little nips at a hadrosaur (which we all 
know T. rex was *perfectly* capable of preying on  <g>)?  It looks 
great, but at the same time something seems vaguely 'wrong' about it.

Any opinions (except those concerning my parentage) greatly 
appreciated -- 

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