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Re: early tyrannosaurids

>      Finally, the late Jurassic (Morrison Fm) Stokesosaurus has been 
>      suggested by some to share affinities with tyrannosaurids, and some 
>      have tentatively placed it within the Tyrannosauridae.  Chure (1994, 
>      in his paper describing Koparion) briefly suggested that 
>      Stokesosaurus' reference to the Tyrannosauridae was strengthened by as 
>      yet undescribed new material.  Can anyone shed more light on this 
>      material and what it means?

Apparently a braincase has been found in the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry, 
Utah, which may belong to _Stokesosaurus_.  According to Dan 
Chure, this braincase shows features in common with _Itemirus_ and 
the tyrannosaurids.  That's according to Dan Chure, anyway.  

Jim Madsen actually referred _Stokesosaurus_ to the Tyrannosauridae 
back in the '70's based on pelvic material.  No one was too keen on 
this referral until the braincase turned up.  I was so disappointed 
that _Stokesosaurus_ wasn't mentioned in the _Siamotyrannus_ 
paper; features in its pelvis were regarded by the authors as the best 
indication of its tyrannosaurid affinities.

Tim Williams
On a very wet day in Sydney