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Re: T. rex skeletons

At 09:13 PM 5/15/97 -0600, *kel wrote:
>Judy, this is some research I did for a piece in Highlights for
>Children.  There may be one or two more recent finds as well, but I hope
>it's helpful.
>Catalog of Tyrannosaurus rex Discoveries 

Ah, The List.  Unfortunately, it does lack some historically important
specimens, including the type of "Manospondylus gigas Cope 1892" (a centrum)
and the refered specimen of "Ornithomimus grandis Marsh 1892" (maybe 15% of
a skeleton?), both of which are almost certainly from T. rex and both of
which were collected prior to 1900.  The Manospondylus specimen is in the
AMNH, the refered specimen of "O. grandis" is in the Smithsonian.

If you want, I (or Dinogeorge) can hunt up more details on these guys.

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