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Re: PT: your opinion please

Yeah, here is my opinion.  I think you all are a bunch of unimaginative 
geeks who don't really know much about dinosaurs but like to ask seemingly 
interesting-sounding questions derived from a few quick glances at an 
article here or there.  You don't care much about who they were and you 
spend your time discussing useless bits of trivial fact.  Get a life.  
You are not impressing anyone.

On Thu, 15 May 1997 dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:

> I just received the latest issue of  Prehistoric Times magazine 
> (issue No. 23), and have two questions based on sculptures 
> unveiled in this issue:
> 1) the Estemmosuchus on the first page has much longer 
> horizontal skull protrusions than I've ever seen illustrated, 
> which means that they are incredibly long.  If you have the issue, 
> please comment on the accuracy of this; if not, exactly how 
> outrageous were those things anyway?
> 2) Keith Strasser of Dragon Inc. has crafted a mean-looking 
> tyrannosaur (yes, what an neglected subject!) in an unusual 
> attack pose: it is crouching down so low to the ground that the 
> "elbows" of it's teeny forelimbs are touching the ground, but its 
> head is held up with mouth (of course) opened.  Was it physically 
> possible for a tyrannosaur to crouch down so low, then (presumably) 
> pop up and take one of those little nips at a hadrosaur (which we all 
> know T. rex was *perfectly* capable of preying on  <g>)?  It looks 
> great, but at the same time something seems vaguely 'wrong' about it.
> Any opinions (except those concerning my parentage) greatly 
> appreciated -- 
> Larry
> "We are Pentium of Borg.
> Arithmatic is futile.
> Prepare to be approximated."
> --from Intel, the Next Generation