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Re: PT: your opinion please

dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:
> I just received the latest issue of  Prehistoric Times magazine
> (issue No. 23), and have two questions based on sculptures
> unveiled in this issue:
> 1) the Estemmosuchus on the first page has much longer
> horizontal skull protrusions than I've ever seen illustrated,
> which means that they are incredibly long.  If you have the issue,
> please comment on the accuracy of this; if not, exactly how
> outrageous were those things anyway?

> Any opinions (except those concerning my parentage) greatly
> appreciated --
> Larry
> "We are Pentium of Borg.
> Arithmatic is futile.
> Prepare to be approximated."
> --from Intel, the Next Generation

I'm looking at an illustration of Estemmenosuchus by John Sibbick in
"Dinosaurs, A Global View". He shows two variations, and one of them
does have very long horizontal skull potrusions. The other doesn't.
Maybe these are sexual or age differences? By the way, "A Global View"
is a great book for its illustrations of non-dinosaurs. I highly
recommend it.

What the heck is wrong with this Erik chap?

Greg Popwell