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Re: Family Ties

Thomas R. Holtz, whose name I recognize from somewhere else but can't place, 

Among others: Parasaurolophus, Tsintaosaurus, and Hypacrosaurus are all very
distinctive lambeosaurines.  Others (Bactrosaurus, Barsboldia, etc.) are
less well-known.

Bactrosaurus, IMHO, is much better known than Tsintaosaurus.  Parasaurolophus 
should have its own family.  I'm sorry if you disagree, but these stuffy 
lamebrained Ivy League types we have classifying these animals don't know their 
butts from a hole in the ground if they haven't figured out yet that they need 
to classify the said animals by their CREST SHAPE.  If that occurred, yes, 
there would be a Lambeosaurinae family, and Tsintaosaurus and Lambeosaurus 
would all be in it (if there's more than one species of each).

Jeremy Frost

"This sentence no verb."