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Re: The king is dead.

So is Elvis but look at his place in the national (if not world)
consciousness. And G.C. didn't even get a "bit" (pun intended) part in
THE LOST WORLD. Dr. Coria mentions several points regarding this
specimen that indicate "bigger may not be better" if you want to
consider which species is "King of the Dinosaurs". Since this is a
democracy, why don't we just VOTE for our "Lizard King"? I nominate
Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gertrude Smith
garrison@efn.org wrote:
> *** Skull unveiled of largest predator dinosaur
> Scientists Friday unveiled the reconstructed skull of the largest
> species of meat-eating dinosaur ever found, cementing its reputation
> as "an absolutely terrifying predatory machine." The dagger-toothed
> dinosaur, named Giganotosaurus carolinii, was an estimated 45-47 feet
> long and weighed 7.7-8.8 tons when it lived some 97 million years ago,
> said its discoverer, Argentine paleontologist Rodolpho Coria. That is
> about five feet longer and two tons heavier than the previous king of
> dinosaur predators, Tyrannosaurus Rex. For the full text story, see
> http://www.merc.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=2973445-3ec