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Peter Buchholz wrote:

Yes, in your opinion....  Almost nothing is known of _Bactrosaurus_' skull,
which is really what is diagnostic about lambeosaurs past deciding if they
are lambeosaurs or hadrosaurs.  _Tsintaosaurus_ on the other hand has a
fairly good skull, and associated postcrania.  

I didn't think we were talking about well-known in the excessively small 
scientific community.  I know for sure I was talking about well known to the 
general public.  Bactrosaurus is much more recognizable name to people like me 
who just like dinosaurs.  I don't know and couldn't care less what "postcrania" 
means because you just pulled it out of thin air.  The word is not germane to 
this topic, and is only found in your message so you can sound impressive.
This is exactly what I was referring to with my comment about stuffy Ivy League 
people.  You use big words so people think you know what you're talking about, 
but I seriously doubt you do.

Jeremy Frost

"This sentence no verb."